Municipal Court

Welcome to the Kirby Municipal Court.

The Kirby Municipal Court handles all class C misdemeanor traffic and city ordinance violations written by Kirby Police and Animal Control departments.

The Kirby Municipal Court has jurisdiction over offenses occurring within the city limits that are violations of City ordinances or violations of a State Statute.

You have the right to appear in court and contest the charge(s) filed against you and you have the right to a trial. When making your appearance, bring your copy of the citation with you.

To request Defensive Driving, Defendants must provide proof of current insurance with Defendants name, a copy of driverís license, and a money order, cashier check, credit card or cash for $107.10. This must be accomplished on or prior to the actual court date. To request Deferred Disposition, Defendants must see the Judge or Prosecutor on your court date.

Payment of fines is accepted in person or by mail. Anyone under the age of 17 must appear in person and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The Kirby Municipal Court accepts cash, credit/debit card, money orders or cashierís checks.† Effective April 1, 2013 personal checks will no longer be accepted.

Convictions of moving violations are reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

NOTICE: If you do not appear in court or make payment on or before the court date on your citation, an additional charge of failure to appear may be filed against you and a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

REGULAR COURT DATES: Court is held the 3rd Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise written on your citation; you must appear on your scheduled court date in order to appear before the judge. If you are not scheduled for a court docket you will not be admitted to the courtroom. Check in is noon.

The court is located in the Kirby City Hall at 112 Bauman, Kirby, Texas, 78219.

Phone number: (210) 661-3198